Monday, February 06, 2006

DePaul University to Offer Minor in "Queer Studies"?

The largest Catholic university in the U.S. has instituted a "Queer Studies" program

DePaul University in Chicago -- the largest Catholic university in the United States -- is launching a "queer studies" program that looks at issues of homosexuality. DePaul will be the first Catholic university to offer a minor in the topic, and could face the wrath of the Vatican.

Via Lair of the Catholic Caveman and Thoughts of a Regular Guy.

Just when you think that some of our Catholic Universities couldn't get any more pagan and secularized than they already are, you read something like this and just shake your head.

Ok, I can appreciate how it is important to understand the problems involved in homosexual behavior and to learn to deal with those who are afflicted with this spiritual sickness, especially if you are going to train to be a counselor or involved in ministry to those who are recovering homosexuals or those who seek to change their behavior. What I don't understand is how a large Catholic university can offer this as a minor. I also wonder how this will be presented to our impressionable youth. Will homosexuality and the gay culture be presented in a positive, "non-judgmental" (that is, approving) light? With all the scandals that have been taking place in the Church I would hope that someone who is an orthodox Catholic would present the topic from a standpoint that is consistent with the teachings of the magesterium and not with that of our pagan, secular society. Only a person who is very grounded in the faith and of high moral fiber would qualify for such a position. A minor in homosexual studies? Somehow I just can't picture that on a resume.